What’s in my camera bag?

Years of trudging the countryside and coastline of beautiful Britain as a landscape photographer has taught me that you can definitely have too much kit – at least in the bag you’re carrying. I have owned many bags over the years and the larger ones have all been sold on. I used to rely on a big Billingham when I was shooting motorsport, when I went back to my passion of landscape photography I swapped over to a big backpack type bag. It was capable of holding a lot of gear, most of which I never used for landscape photography but tended to get left in the bag and carried, making photography less enjoyable than it should have been.

These days I have two small bags and I never take more than one when I walk away from my camper. Sometimes I will take only a camera with lens attached, tripod, cable release and spare battery; that’s the best way to travel!

I am now totally committed to the Fuji X system and have an X-T2 for colour work and an X-Pro2 converted for infrared. My main bag is a Lowpro AW190 and holds both bodies plus a variety of lenses and Lee Filters, a cable release, spare batteries and some SD cards as well as a lens cloth, some business cards, notebook and pen simple, light and not much of a burden. A shoulder bag is not quite as easy to carry as a backpack but much more accessible especially if I want to change lenses in muddy or sandy locations where it is better not to put the kit down. The other bag is a tiny reporter style bag. When not in use it acts as protection for a 100-400 zoom but doubles up as a lightweight bag for one body and lens plus one extra lens.

Remember, having lots of gear doesn’t make you a good photographer, knowing how to use what you have is what counts. The most important tool to a photographer is his eye.

May the light be with you

Bill Allsopp



  1. Soon…you’ve gone with the Fuji X system and have the X Pro 2…how do you find the handling of the X Pro2 v the Canon?

    Thinking of making the switch myself but the 16mp Fuji sensors weren’t quite there for me esp with AF but the X Pro2 is a rangefinder system that I’m not used to.

    I know you have used rangefinders before (Leica) so any chance of a bit of a contrast and compare Fuji v Canon v Leica?

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