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The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la.

I posted some pictures of daffodils from three weeks ago that were close up with a 60mm lens wide open. Wednesdays shots were close up with a wide angle stopped down for an entirely different feel. Continue reading The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la.


Sunshine to warm the soul

On April 2nd, after a grim, grey wet morning the sun came out so we went off to our favourite field at the edge of the National Forest to walk the dog. The camera went with me too and on the way we saw a raised verge full of daffodils with the late afternoon sunshine behind them. “Here we are dressed in our finest” Continue reading Sunshine to warm the soul

Going to seed

Work and other things have kept me from doing what I like best, going out with my camera and making pictures; but earlier in the week, while walking the dog, I spotted some thistle heads going to seed and thought how lovely they looked so yesterday I went back.

Armed with my Canon 5DMk3 and a 180mm macro lens I spent a most enjoyable hour or so in a field hat is part of the growing Nation Forest here in Leicestershire. Conditions for this type of photography were pretty much perfect; bright overcast and very little wind. What little wind there was was just enough to spoil one or two pictures which I had to re-shoot but any more and the job would not have been possible. Continue reading Going to seed