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Damp days and photography

So you wanted to go out and take some landscape pictures but it’s raining? So what! You have heard the saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes” well if you’re a photographer it’s still true just add “and something to keep the rain off the lens.” If you have top flight gear that’s weatherproof a lens hood may be all you need, if the camera and lens are not rain-proof then you either need to be VERY careful or take along an assistant and an umbrella.

I prefer to work alone, no one to help admittedly but no one to distract either. Truth to tell I am a loner by nature I suppose. So if setting up a camera while holding an umbrella is more than my two arms can accommodate then I need to find some other way of keeping the rain off so I head for the woods. The odd drop of rain will penetrate for sure but I no longer need to fight against direct rain landing on the front of the lens so it is easier to work and with grey skies the light inside a wood is much less contrasty and control of both highlights and shadows is easier. It’s win, win!

An ancient oak in Charnwood Forest.
An ancient oak in Charnwood Forest.
Start moss growing in Swithland woods a Sites of Special Scientific Interest.
Star moss growing in Swithland woods a Sites of Special Scientific Interest.
The roots of an ancient oak tree cling around rocks on stony ground.
The roots of an ancient oak tree cling around rocks on stony ground – a panorama of seven frames which really needs to be seen much larger than this web page allows to appreciate the detail.

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Chasing away the blues

The long dark nights, the dark wet days, the constant grey skies; it builds and depresses. Only one thing can clear it; I have give myself a good talking to and get out and take photos. There is no such thing as the bad light; only a bad mindset.

So on Saturday morning I got up 90 minutes before dawn, got dressed, had a cup of tea and set off to Swithland Reservoir to take a picture or two. I had something in mind but a landscape photographer has to be flexible and adapt to the situation. The water level was the lowest I have seen at this time of year and acres of mud was not what I had envisaged. The forecast said that we should expect a bald blue sky so I had to move on quickly and sort out a new location. A couple of possibles were checked out and again I had to move on.

I remembered a spot at Beacon Hill Crossroads near Woodhouse Eaves where I had made a picture a few years ago and knew it held other possibilities. Continue reading Chasing away the blues

Talks to clubs

From time to time I give talks to photography clubs. This week I gave my first talk in 18 months having had to suspend this because of cancer. Now recovered it was pleasure to go to Lutterworth Photographic Society this week which is a very friendly small club. I was pleased to get positive feedback;

“It was a great talk you gave us last night.  Your obvious enthusiasm for landscapes was infectious and the quality of the images superb.  I’ve rarely had such effusive comments expressed to me by our members about a lecturer.  You’ve made a lot of friends in Lutterworth PS and we hope you will come again.”

It makes such a difference when someone takes a minute to give written thanks afterwards. No doubt I shall be in Lutterworth again.


The First rule of Landscape photography is be there!

Ansel Adams said “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.”

How right he was some days you go out full of hope and the light never materialises. Other days, like today, you go out with not much hope and Wowee! First rule of Landscape photography is be there!

These from a circuit round the “Stones” in west Leicestershire this morning (that’s Congerstone, Bilstone and Shackerstone btw).

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Continue reading The First rule of Landscape photography is be there!

Going to seed

Work and other things have kept me from doing what I like best, going out with my camera and making pictures; but earlier in the week, while walking the dog, I spotted some thistle heads going to seed and thought how lovely they looked so yesterday I went back.

Armed with my Canon 5DMk3 and a 180mm macro lens I spent a most enjoyable hour or so in a field hat is part of the growing Nation Forest here in Leicestershire. Conditions for this type of photography were pretty much perfect; bright overcast and very little wind. What little wind there was was just enough to spoil one or two pictures which I had to re-shoot but any more and the job would not have been possible. Continue reading Going to seed

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.

Out of the house early this morning and delighted to find there was a mist lying across the fields in paces. Good landscape photography weather is returning and dawn is becoming a more sensible time too!

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Willesley Lake
Willesley Lake – Canon 5D Mk3

Taking pictures with my eyes shut.

Funny old week. Yesterday I was taking pictures at my best friends funeral; sounds ghoulish I know but his widow has been in hospital for some weeks and the family wanted some pictures to show her. 300-400 people there, great send off.

Today I got an email saying I had two pictures shortlisted in the Landscape Photographer of the Year comp. Don’t spend the prize money yet it’s a long way from shortlisted to even being accepted.

Tomorrow I am taking pictures of the ground for the town cricket club. I was asked by the groundsman if I would do it as they had a cherry picker there doing some work on an aerial and he said I could use it for some elevation. I said yes of course, glad to help a local club. Then he told me the bloody thing has a 30 meter lift! I don’t like to stand on a chair to change a light bulb so I reckon tomorrow I’ll be taking pictures with my eyes shut!