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Why do I photograph? Because I have to; it has long been so. I have choice in what I photograph but not otherwise. I am driven to do it and to search for the why is perhaps to search for God. As a professional outdoor photographer my pictures have been published by magazines, used for advertising, on greetings / birthday cards and on the internet etc. I am available to produce commissioned work, please email a summary of the brief in the first instance. My personal passion is photographing the British landscape. This website features only a small selection of my work but new images are being added regularly. I travel to different locations as often as possible seeking out new locations and catching the light at it's best. Although I regard myself as a colour photographer I have developed a high degree of skill in digital monochrome. I regularly give talks to clubs on a variety of subjects. "My camera is a brush with which I can paint the world." Bill Allsopp To contact me please go to

“Jack Frost’s Feathers”

Most of the winter it has been cold and damp, now it’s spring we get frosts. Typically perverse British weather.

Yesterday however I got up early to go out and take some landscape photos and only made it as far as the van. The windscreen was covered in beautifully patterned frost and I set about getting some pictures before the sun got on it. Continue reading “Jack Frost’s Feathers”

The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la.

I posted some pictures of daffodils from three weeks ago that were close up with a 60mm lens wide open. Wednesdays shots were close up with a wide angle stopped down for an entirely different feel. Continue reading The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la.

Contract with Robert Harding Picture Library

19th April 2016 – I am delighted to have received the contract today to shoot images for Robert Harding Picture Library. They have a collection of high quality imagery and video covering a diverse range of subjects such as destinations, travel & tourism, people, cultures, wildlife, nature, landscapes, archaeology, architecture and the environment. Robert Harding are one of the top libraries for this type of imagery.

Continue reading Contract with Robert Harding Picture Library

Lee Filters – 100mm or Seven5 on the Fuji X

I am currently running Fuji X cameras alongside a Canon 5D Mk3 although I suspect this will not last for long, I feel so much more comfortable with the X-T1 and X-Pro2 and the lesser weight of the Fuji X system suits me too. Continue reading Lee Filters – 100mm or Seven5 on the Fuji X

Sunshine to warm the soul

On April 2nd, after a grim, grey wet morning the sun came out so we went off to our favourite field at the edge of the National Forest to walk the dog. The camera went with me too and on the way we saw a raised verge full of daffodils with the late afternoon sunshine behind them. “Here we are dressed in our finest” Continue reading Sunshine to warm the soul