Why do I photograph? Because I have to; it has long been so. I have choice in what I photograph but not otherwise. I am driven to do it and to search for the why is perhaps to search for God.

As a professional outdoor photographer my pictures have been published by magazines, used for advertising, on greetings / birthday cards and on the internet etc. I am available to produce commissioned work, please email a summary of the brief in the first instance.

My personal passion is photographing the British landscape. This website features only a small selection of my work but new images are being added regularly. I travel to different locations as often as possible seeking out new locations and catching the light at it’s best.

Although I regard myself as a colour photographer I have developed a high degree of skill in digital monochrome. I regularly give talks to clubs on a variety of subjects.

“My camera is a brush with which I can paint the world.”

To see more of my British Landscape pictures go to http://www.billallsopp.co.uk

Need a photographer in the Midlands? http:/www.billallsopp.co.uk

View of Thornham Stumps at hight tide.
View of Thornham Stumps at hight tide.


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  1. OK Bill Allsop Photography. (I assume Allsop is not your middle name.) So you liked my comment about people hitting ‘like’ and then going and having another beer instead of checking out what Mitch is all about. Now I am going to check out your blog. I guess you’re a Pom so at least we understand cricket. Now you have to check out my blog. It isn’t photography.it’s stories and such and if you just hit the ‘like’ button I will get on a plane (not Malaysian or Indonesian) and come over and have a good long talk to you. My blog is “cryptic garland’ and is at https://bandeaux.wordpress.com/
    Regards. John

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