“Jack Frost’s Feathers”

Most of the winter it has been cold and damp, now it’s spring we get frosts. Typically perverse British weather.

Yesterday however I got up early to go out and take some landscape photos and only made it as far as the van. The windscreen was covered in beautifully patterned frost and I set about getting some pictures before the sun got on it.

How to get the pictures was the first problem, the windscreen is quite tilted so first I tried to use the remote app on the phone to control the camera but getting and accurate composition and focus across most of the plane in view proved almost impossible. A dozen efforts for the digital dustbin.

I was forced to make my old bones practice contortionism and by lying across the seats sometimes with my head into the footwell while my feet hung out if the door I got what I wanted, What the neighbours would have though had they been up I can’t imagine.

The aim was to create artistic images rather than simple records and the first shot laid the basis for the set. With a blue sky above the first shot had a nice blue tone to it rather than being a literal white frost with an almost monochrome feel and I adopted this hue for the set even thought the blue sky did not influence many of them at the taking stage. In addition as it was intended as an artistic set I have not worried about sharpness so much as the impression the image made on me. A pattern is a pattern whether or not it has defined edges so I have upped the clarity on some images while holding back on others.

I would love to see these hung as a set of acrylics – I don’t suppose that will happen anytime soon.

All Fuji X-Pro2 and 60mm macro.

BiAll20160427036 BiAll20160427035 BiAll20160427033 BiAll20160427029 BiAll20160427028 BiAll20160427021 BiAll20160427018 BiAll20160427011 BiAll20160427010 BiAll20160427008 BiAll20160427002

To see more of my images and to buy a print please visit Bill Allsopp.co.uk



  1. Theses are fabulous Bill and the blue toning sets them apart from most frost shots and yet links them all together. I agree they would look good as acrylics.

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