Taking pictures with my eyes shut.

Funny old week. Yesterday I was taking pictures at my best friends funeral; sounds ghoulish I know but his widow has been in hospital for some weeks and the family wanted some pictures to show her. 300-400 people there, great send off.

Today I got an email saying I had two pictures shortlisted in the Landscape Photographer of the Year comp. Don’t spend the prize money yet it’s a long way from shortlisted to even being accepted.

Tomorrow I am taking pictures of the ground for the town cricket club. I was asked by the groundsman if I would do it as they had a cherry picker there doing some work on an aerial and he said I could use it for some elevation. I said yes of course, glad to help a local club. Then he told me the bloody thing has a 30 meter lift! I don’t like to stand on a chair to change a light bulb so I reckon tomorrow I’ll be taking pictures with my eyes shut!


6 thoughts on “Taking pictures with my eyes shut.”

  1. Ah, but I bet you’ll open your eyes and forget about the height because of the shots you can take that are so very different to normal people on the ground.

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  2. Cogratulations on the shortlist-thing! Airezen sent to get the price!! 😉
    Me too, I have a terrible fear of heights… but you’ll be amazed of the sight and forget you are on a height! Just don’t bend over too much to have the best photo! 😉 Good luck, it will work, I’m sure! My grandfather (God has his soul) would say: If I can do it, you can too! 🙂 And he was always right, the dear man! So Bill, if I can do it, you can!

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