I Didn’t Write the Rules…

I picked up this quote from an article I saw posted on Facebook.

‘I Didn’t Write the Rules, Why Should I Follow Them?’ W. Eugene Smith

Something I think all photographers would do well to bear in mind as it’s all too easy to follow the basic conventions.

Another simple gem which came from the same interview was “The goal is the work itself.” Something which is easier for the passionate amateur than the hard pressed pro who needs the income from his craft but something else which we should all strive for. Creating beauty or conveying any message should be it’s own reward.


4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Write the Rules…”

  1. Wonderful messages! Thank you for sharing. I find that I am passionate about nearly all my photos. Maybe that is why I take so many…? I do remember one of your former posts though about slowing down to get better photos instead of quantity. (At least I think it was you.) That stuck with me. I try to reign in my excitement enough to slow myself down for each photo and really see it. It is hard though since I come from a shoot-and-move military style of documenting. And as for rules….good to know but not required to follow some:)

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