Pictures of our greyhound, Misty.

Three years ago we adopted misty, a retired racing greyhound. Or perhaps she adopted us since when we went to see her she came and leant against me despite, we discovered, being terrified of people, especially men.

Move forward a few months however and she is now everyone’s friend, the accidents indoors have stopped (almost – sometimes we don’t hear her if she cries in the night – greyhounds seldom bark.)

The breed are described as high speed couch potatoes. Despite their prowess at running it is only for a sprint and two 20 minute walks a day are enough. In consequence most pictures show her doing what she does best – taking up the whole settee while sleeping.


A greyhound enjoys running in the surf. A greyhound enjoys running in the surf. BiAll20121011014 A Greyhound asleep on its back on a settee. BiAll20120714001 Greyhound walking off the lead with collar and tag visible. Greyhound in long grass between trees. A greyhound leaps towards the camera while running. Portrait of a Greyhound. Misty BiAll20120211028 Greyhound asleep on a sofa.


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