Lightroom edits, please choose your preferred version

and ideally say why.

This is one picture taken on 4th January 2015.

The creative edit.
The creative edit.


I would not normally edit a picture so far from reality these days.

Results shown as percentages.


11 thoughts on “Lightroom edits, please choose your preferred version”

  1. Oh, wow … those are some edits. I prefer the creative version as I suspect most will. The sun counterbalances the tree and makes for a better composition. What I like about your edits is that you kept it real looking. I was convinced that this was a foggy sunrise.

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  2. The edited version but with reservations. Position of sun and perceived intensity through the mist would probably have caused lens flare to a degree, some addition pp to create a hint of this would I think add a little to perception of reality

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  3. I voted both! I like the creative edit because I felt energy in it and it was beautiful and really I wouldn’t have guessed it was edited. But the reality one was so soothing to look at and calm. It would be great in a zen room.

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