15 stunning new monochrome images added to my websites today

I have not been doing much monochrome recently, it always seems to go in phases, but today I started processing a few and that led to me spotting some older ones that had not made it onto my websites for some reason.

The methods of processing vary, some have been done entirely in Adobe Lightroom, and some in Photoshop whilst others were done as Multi-Raw’s, Gorman-Holbert conversions or using Nik Silver Efex and my version of the Katrin Eismann process. (There are more details on these methods on my blog if you search for Digital Monochrome). I have tried many, many methods and some work better on one image than another but the more I use Lightroom the more I find I can do super monochrome conversions using that alone, plus perhaps a bit of selective final sharpening in Photoshop.

All photographs should have the basics of good composition, good light and correct exposure but sometimes slight failings will be overlooked in a colour image if the colours are especially good. We talk about being colour blind but often when viewing photographs we can become colour blinded. With a monochrome photograph there is nowhere to hide. Without the basics and a good tonal range throughout the image it’s weaknesses will be spotted.

Please have a look on my websites to see more of my work in both colour and mono.

www.thebritishlandscape.uk and www.billallsopp.co.uk

Normanton church
Normanton church.
A coil of old hemp rope.
A coil of old hemp rope.
Thornham stumps.
Thornham stumps.
Fence and trees
Fence and trees.
Storm over the cobb
Storm over the Cobb.





15 thoughts on “15 stunning new monochrome images added to my websites today”

  1. Fascinated to read how many different methods of processing for monochrome there are and how little I know about it all 🙂 I’ve just recently started looking closer at B&W and finally understand the restrictions and rewards of this medium.

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  2. Some great monochrome images here, Bill….I especially like the strong lines of furrows, the mood of Thornham Stumps, and the delicacy of Fence and trees. I need to brush up my monochrome!

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