According to Getty Images My “Photography stands out”

Email received today;

Hello from Getty Images Curators!

Referring url:

Dear Bill,

We’re part of the Getty Images team of curators who are looking for new creative talent.

Your images really caught our eye, and we wanted to offer you the chance to join our unique Getty Images “Moment” collection.

Joining Getty Images “Moment” Collection is simple… click on… to find out the details.

I’m not sure if I will go with them, their commission rates are appalling (and their website for registration fell over on me and won’t let me back in. Not a great start.

All quiet on the river. View of the River Thurne at Sunset.
All quiet on the river. View of the River Thurne at Sunset.







26 thoughts on “According to Getty Images My “Photography stands out””

  1. It’s a great photo though and would do well on calendars or in coffee table books. You should put it on a site somewhere. Preferably one that watermarks your image so you get royalty returns. Good luck


  2. Your images are far above most I’ve seen but like any location who allows you to ‘show’ your work, they want their cut. Key words… “Your work,” you are in control unless they get their hooks into you.

    The image you show here is stunning.

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    1. Congratultions! However I logged in and uploaded one image. Their uploader is dreadful; one image at a time and it does not pull through the metadata already in my picture in Lightroom. I shall not bother with them. The libraries I use will do just fine.


    1. Hi Martin,

      I signed up eventually and was appalled to find the Getty uploader allows you to upload only one image at a time and does not bring through any existing metadata.

      So I uploaded just the one image, asked what alternative was available, FTP etc. and the answer (after asking the question twice and waiting ages) came back – none!

      You can imaging how long it would take to submit say 5,000 images and then caption and keyword them again! So at present I have one image for sale with them and no plans to upload more any time soon.

      Surprisingly iStock, which is owned by Getty, operates differently and allows upload of multiple files and metadata by FTP. Might be worth trying them if you approve of their type of stock site. I sent about 80 files to them three months ago and have been amazed at how many sales they have generated. Despite their very low individual prices / commission it looks as though I could make more from them than the conventional RM stock sites I currently use.



  3. Hey Bill,

    I, too, received the Getty Images “Your Photography Stands Out” email. I was just curious to know what other libraries you do business with and which you prefer over the rest…if you don’t mind me asking.

    Thanks, and great work!


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    1. Hi Edward

      I use Loop Images, a specialist British library that take only a selection of my best images but even so are my best paying library per image. I also use Alamy and more recently iStock. I recently conducted a review of earnings and despite iStock’s low sale values the generate more revenue per file they hold than does Alamy.


      1. Wow, thanks so much for your response. It’s interesting that iStock seems to be superior to Getty, despite being the same company and appearing to be their lesser brand.

        Thanks again for the info.

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