Who am I? What am I? Why?

The long dark teatime of the soul.
The long dark teatime of the soul.
















I like my own company, but not indefinitely, but I love my family and their wellbeing matters more than my own; so I am a loner and a family man; definitely a conflict.
I am an ideas man but less good at long-term execution.
I like change; I can’t do with the unending mediocrity of the same, but I am loyal and tenacious, determined and stubborn.
I like peace and quiet but loud music.
I like people as individuals but can’t abide groups and parties.
I love gathering new knowledge but am not sure I am any good at putting it to good use.
I don’t know if I believe in a God but wonder about creation.
I am a christian (small “c”) – and believe we should all do right by our fellow man or woman
I am a conservative with a small “c” too, whilst I welcome change for the good I value tradition.
I believe in the equality of women – but men should still hold the door open for them.
I believe we should try to find peaceful solutions but when that’s exhausted fight like hell to defend the basic freedoms.
I don’t believe the majority of us have any clue as to how the world is run, most politicians included.
I recognise that a strong nation is built on the shoulders of subjugated people. I cannot reconcile if this harms the people or, because it helps at the end of the day to protect them, is actually in their best interest.
I abhor torture but wonder what the cost to us would be if we always play by Queensbury rules when terrorists don’t.
I recognise the world is full of questions I will never answer, does that mean I should never ask them?

Who am I? – Complicated
What am I? – A long distance butterfly
Why? – Who can a non-believer ask to answer to this?

Fly away.
Fly away.

One thought on “Who am I? What am I? Why?”

  1. Deep, profound maybe. Keep asking questions as I think we all should.
    The final image gave me goosebumps and tears – beautiful, sad and meaningful.

    Liked by 1 person

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