Rebecca – a high iso test with the Fuji X-T1

For various reasons I have not taken many “proper” pictures with the Fuji X-T1 yet, what I have been doing though is testing the envelope and getting a feel for the camera, it’s controls and its limits.

On Christmas day I took a number of pictures of my family just using natural light

in our living room. Occasionally the results are not of an acceptable quality but that I put down to user error, principally setting a shutter speed that is slower than I can control hand held despite the awesome stabilisation incorporated in the camera.

This one image serves as a good example of the results that cab be achieved with this jewel of a camera.

The light in our lounge on Christmas Day necessitated using a high iso and, as usual in this sort of situation with this camera, I selected auto iso and let the camera pick as light levels changed. The image is an unedited in camera jpeg and I will let it and the 100% crop with embedded exif speak for itself.

Becky at 100%
Becky at 100%

2 thoughts on “Rebecca – a high iso test with the Fuji X-T1”

  1. That is crystal clear and pin sharp. We are so spoiled these days. I already have way too many cameras, but I am interested in the X-T1. I enjoy shooting in small local music venues and I’d love to try one out under those conditions. I have an X-Pro 1 which did struggle to lock focus on a moving musician in low light so I’m still using my Canon kit for that. Having experienced how good the X100T is in low light I’m keen to see how the more recent interchangeable lens bodies would cope.


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