Simple pictures

Photography is not, and never has been, about the equipment. What counts is the ability to see and to visualise. This needs practice, constant practice. Look around and you will miss many opportunities, you need to see, the difference being the extra effort, concentration and all round application required.

I recommend newcomers to photography spend time looking through the viewfinder rather

than just aimlessly looking around them, is you have a zoom lens start with it at it’s longest focal length, it will slow you down. Your field of vision through the viewfinder covers less area in addition to which if you move the camera around too quickly you will find that nothing can be seen. It forces a slower more methodical approach. I still use this technique myself; if I arrive at a new location and am unable to select a scene to shoot or at a familiar venue where I need to find a fresh approach I will employ this method to slow down and focus on detail.

The garden
The garden

The picture above shows a corner of a small modern garden, something many would regard as a very difficult location; because of all the intruding rooftops around it is almost impossible to find a viewpoint which does not include something which will detract. You will probably have spotted the lovely orange roses, and there are many other subjects just waiting if you search them out.

How about the central object, that large pot of ornamental grasses? There are pictures hiding in there too. For the picture below I used a compact camera, in this case a Leica D-Lux 5, and held a sheet of black card behind the subject to isolate it.

September morning grass
September morning grass

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