Finishing the “Snap wagon”

The last major job in the conversion of my Vito to campervan was to make the inside look more homely by carpeting the ply lining. The “Snap Wagon” has a tailgate and the carpet weight had to be light or the gas struts would be overwhelmed. If your van has twin rear doors you can opt for something heavier if you wish but I went for a light, felt backed corded carpet. The range I liked had a red almost the same as the exterior of the van which I thought would be warm and cosy. I bought this from a small local independent retailer who was full of useful advice yet still very competitive in his prices. He suggested an adhesive, gave tips on its use and recommended that I fit the carpet to any panels I could off the van and then refix them, the time lost in removing and refixing would be saved in ease of cutting the carpet – very good advice.

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Ready to camp!
Ready to camp!



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